Fear Is A Liar

I don’t know where this quote came from but I would high five and then hug whoever said it first if I met them. It is rare that four small words can be so powerful. But it is true…

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Fear says:

  • You will fail
  • Your work won’t sell
  • No one likes your photos
  • No one reads your blog
  • No one reads your writing
  • You shouldn’t try
  • You aren’t talented

But fear is a bully who doesn’t truly know you. Because fear often comes from our own insecurities and low self-esteem. Especially when what we want to accomplish already has so many other talented people in that field.

There is room for everyone’s work. Everyone’s work has value. Your work has value.

Galileo was charged with heresy and sentenced to life in prison in 1633 because he determined that the Sun revolved around the Earth and not vice versa. He knew that his studies in science went against everything that the world believed but he embraced his fears and shared his findings.

What would the history of science look like if he gave into his fears? I’m glad we will never know.

Professional athletes are prone to lack of confidence that sometimes ruins an entire season. They lose belief in themselves and their abilities which leads to self doubt and hesitation on the playing field or hockey rink. There are sports psychologists that specialize in helping athletes work through this fear. They are successful, make lots of money, have amazing lifestyles, but something still terrifies them.


Everyone is afraid of something and I have found that creative people seem to have more doubts than the average person. Fear can creep back into your life after you thought you conquered it. It can pounce on anyone at any age and at any time in your creative journey. In a world so connected we compare ourselves against others. We often doubt ourselves, our talents, and how creative we really are.

The important thing is to define what you fear and why. Then you can start finding ways to build your confidence to chip away at that fear. You’ll find that fear lies and you are much braver than you think.

My Type Tuesday Pick – Celestial

Happy type Tuesday where the Internet explodes with typefaces of all kinds. In the interest of Movember kickoff, when people become gentlemanly and grow facial hair, I’d like to feature a vintage style typeface designed by Ramandhani Nugraha of Celcius Design. You can get the font at his Creative Market page.

I love the vintage feel and love that one of the mockup photos is a bottle of Gin because that is what this typeface reminds me of!




Fellow Creative Humans

Tara Andrews Design Illustration Hi, I’m Tara. A Graphic Designer and [aspiring] Illustrator. When I got laid off from my day job several years ago after working twelve years with the company, I decided to set a new goal and go after something I enjoyed doing.

I have always been creative and love playing with colour, pattern, taking photos, editing images and typography! I love words and how they look and how letters are shaped. I love how colour, typeface and composition can convey an emotion. So everything lead me to go back to school and pursue a career in Graphic Design.

It wasn’t easy [and still isn’t] and I had many days filled with self-doubt and second guessing my decisions but now that I graduated and working Full-Time, I know I did the right thing!

Don’t get me wrong, I still suffer from bouts of crippling self-doubt once in a while, and am prone to negative self-talk or more recently — the imposter syndrome [I’ll post about this and what it is]. However, I’ve learned how to tell my inner negative self to shut up and keep creating and put my work out into the world.

I see similar emotions and thoughts in creatives everywhere and this blog is my attempt to tell my story and hopefully help a few of you build your own quiet confidence to go after the things you truly want to do and make the things that you truly want to make. My new goal is to illustrate as many things as I can. While in school, I developed a new love of drawing and illustrating. I believe anyone can do anything. And anyone can learn anything, you just have to be determined and willing to try!

“Every accomplishment starts
with the decision to try.”
– Gail Devers

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure and are motivated by what I have accomplished because if I can do it, you can too. So to start things off, I would love it if you take some time today or this week to do something you love whether it is write, draw, paint, code, sculpt, build, sing, dance, colour, capture photos, run… go do!

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